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History: Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: Humans and Monsters. One day, war broke out between the two races. After a long battle, the humans were victorious. They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell. This was around the time the gems appeared and started to colonize the Earth as their own... The humans left the gems alone though. They knew nothing about them. Same for the Gems. They left the humans alone, along as they weren't in the way of their plans. As time passed, humans forgot about the war with the monsters. They never kept record of it. That what they wanted anyway, to just forget, make their children believe they ruled the Earth before the gems came. So, that means the gems never new about the monsters. Once thing was certain, they protect Mt. Ebott (in Japan, in the place of Mt. Fuji) from the gems. Even though, they stayed away from it too. Still so time passed on peacefully for a long time. Then everything change when the Revolution between Homeworld and Crystal Gems began. Which the humans interfere then. They sided with the Crystal Gems, of course, for the freedom of their race, freedom for their world, freedom for Earth... The war was a long, and bloody one. Many lives were lost on both sides, but then the finial straw was pulled, that broke the gem's back. The leader of the Crystal Gems, Rose Quarts, shattered a diamond. Which was thought impossible. The other diamonds reacted of course. They used a laser weapon. They shot from space down to Earth. It was meant to shatter all gems on Earth, but it didn't... It corrupted them instead, into mindless creatures with only the will to survive. There were only a few that weren't exposed to it though. The 4 gems, everyone knows about, continue on to protect the Earth, from anymore gems or corrupted ones. There was something neither man or gem knew though, that the beam effected other things beside the gems... What is the only creature that has magic just like gems that would get effected by the beam? Monsters of course...
Monsters: were effected by the beam... They'll appearance or power didn't get changed much. Their appearances are more harder skin though. It was more so the source of their being. Their souls... Because of the beam, it cause the monsters' souls to crystallize.

Souls: due to them being crystallize. It causes a monster to be harder to kill and be able to live longer lives then before. Even though the soul seems indestructible, the soul can be corrupted though. It can be caused by strong negative emotions. If the soul does become corrupted, it can either turn a monster into a mindless creature (like a corrupted gem), or kill them. If a soul is in the middle of corruption, it can be stopped and healed, by strong positive emotions of course. (But knowing you are trapped in underground for your whole life, can make it hard to stay positive...)

Story: (I haven't really decided on what yet...)

            Frisk: Sex: female
                    Age: 16
                    Species: Human
                    Personally: Determine, Kind heartened, willing to do whats right, selfless, willing to help others, but hard for her to truly trust others (Once she does, she is loyal, and tries her hardest to not let them down. blame her sibling on her trust issues.), cares for everyone, wants to be friends with everyone
                    Likes: Sweets, rain, flowers, etc. (basally anything that's good)
                    Dislikes: Evil, killing, racism, sour things, etc. (again basally anything that's bad)
                    Friends: Sans (very closest/best friend, maybe love interest), Papyrus (closest/best friend), Dane (closest/best friend, brother figure), Sky (closest/best friend, brother figure), Skyler (closest/best friend, sister figure), Toriel (closest/best friend, mother figure), Grillby (close friend), a few more
                    Tit bit of a backstory: She is the youngest of her 3 siblings. She was on vacation with family in Japan near Mt. Ebott. Since she was the youngest, her siblings would pick on her. She never held it against them though, since it wasn't in her to do so. They were her family after all, and she still loved them, but doesn't mean she trust them... One night, the siblings went too far. They embarrus her so badly, she ran off into the woods, in the detraction of Mt. Ebott. She was so upset, she didn't look where she was going, tripped on a root, and fell into a hole. A hole to the Underground...
           Sans: Sex: Male
                   Age: 19
                   Species: Skeleton
                   Personally: (same as UT)
                   Family: Papyrus (Younger brother), Gaster (Dad, more clearly creator)
                   Friends: Frisk (very closest/best friend, maybe love interest), Sky (closest/best friend), Papyrus (closest/best friend), Grillby(closest/best friend), Dane (the most closest/best friend, maybe love interest), Skyler (close friend), many others
                   Piece of Info: Was made in a lab by Dr. W.D. Gaster.
           Papyrus: Sex: Male
                       Age: 17
                       Species: Skeleton
                       Personally: (same as UT)
                       Likes: (same as UT)
                       Dislikes: (same as UT)
                       Family: Sans (Older brother), Gaster (Dad, more clearly creator)
                       Friends: Frisk (closest/best friend), Sans (closest/best friend), Sky (closest/best friend), Skyler (close friend), Undyne (closest/best friend), Dane (closest/best friend), MTT (very closest friend, bf), many others
                       Piece of Info: Was made in a lab by Dr. W.D. Gaster.

(Everyone else are the same as their UT counterparts. I'm just lazy to put all of them down.)
(I will be adding some of my OCs. Which are below.)
         Sky: Sex: male
                Age: 19
                Species: Skeleton/flame element (He is fully a skeleton, but has the ability to turn his body into flames. Is like this most of the time.)
                Personally: Laid back, kind heartened, a bit selfish but mostly selfless, protective of family and friends, proper when needed, charming, funny
                Likes: sunny days, naps, good friends, food, fights, anything water related, fire, music, dancing, burnt orange, lions, wolves, dragons, snakes, children
                Dislikes: Anything water related (if he has to go into them. it hurt him in his flame form.) assholes, demon children, monster haters
               Family: Dane (Oldest brother), Skyler (Younger twin sister, youngest)
               Friends: Frisk (closest/best friend, sister figure), Sans (closest/best friend), Papyrus (close friend), Grillby (closest/best friend, crush interest), Dane (closest/best friend), Skyler (closest/ best friend), Toriel (closest/best friend, mom figure), many others
               Piece of Info: He works at Grillby's, is an entertainer(singer), and waiter. Sometimes a cook too.
               Appearance: In skeleton form: Normal skeleton, but with a tail. Has cracks all over his crown. He covers with flame like hair. (same color as his eye glow flame: pale watery blue) Which looks fluffy and soft at the time. Can be touched, feels like a warm hug. He has water blue glow pupils instead of white like Sans.
                                In flame form: in this form, most of the time. Same color as his eye color.
Pretty much looks like Grillby, but a bit shorter, a bit skinnier, still has a muscle look though. His fire tempt is control by his emotions. So most of the time feels like a warm hug. His bones are melted in this form, so he can shape shift into animals. (mainly a lion, wolf, or a dragon)
       Dane: Sex: male
                Age: 21
                Species: Skeleton
                Personally: Laid back around friends, hard working, charmer, kind heartened, protective of family and friends, proper, funny, selfless
                Likes: a certain lazybones, music, dancing, water, animals, blue, chidren
                Dislikes: evil, demon children, monster haters, killers, neon green (for reasons)
                Family: Sky (Younger brother, middle), Skyler (Younger sister, youngest)
                Friends: Frisk (closest/ best friend, sister figure) Sans (the most closest/best friend, maybe love interest), Papyrus (closest/ best friend), Sky (closest/best friend), Skyler (Closest/best friend), Grillby (close friend), Muffent (close friend), Toriel (closest/best friend, mom figure), Mettaton (close friend), many others
                Appearance: Normal skeleton, but with a tail. Has two cracks that go from the top of his eye sockets to the back of his skull. He covers it with a flame like hair. (same color as his eye glow flame: dark purplish blue) His hair style in a swept back mohawk. (He doesn't have a flame form, but can make cat ears, wings and other things with his eye flame. He can turn his bones into a full Japanese dragon. In emergencies or fighting a powerful being though. he can turn into a anthro form of it though. Which can be anytime.) He has purple glow pupils instead of white.
                Piece of Info: Works at Grillby's (helps out when needed) or MTT Resort (full time), as a entertainer or a cook. Dane has a secret, that no one knows. (Neon-green is a clue to his secret)

     Skyler: Sex: female
               Age: 19
               Species: Skeleton/water element (Full skeleton, but has the ability for a water form. Half the time in this form)
               Personally: Hard working, kind heartened, selfless, stubborn, improper around stuffing people, proper to those highly respected, laid back around friends, very protective of family and friends
               Likes: Training, fighting, playing bass, leaves falling down, rain, anything water related, red, black, water blue, dolphins, killer whales, sea serpents, shiny things, children, wolves, lions, laying in water, curling up to sleep
               Dislikes: Demon children, killers, monster haters, assholes, stuffing people, sharks, laziness at training time, sunny or hot days, herself
               Family: Dane (Older brother, oldest), Skyler (Older twin brother, middle)
               Friends: Sky (closest/best friend), Dane (closest/best friend), Frisk (closest/best friend, sister figure), Sans (close friend), Papyrus (close friend), Grillby (closest/best friend), Undyne (very closest/best friend), Toriel (closest/best friend, mom figure), a few more
               Appearance: Skeleton form: Normal skeleton, but with a tail. Her height is 5 inches shorter then Undyne. She has no cracks, but still has flame like hair. (Same color as her eye glow flame: bright burnt orange or autumn red (depends on mood)) Hair is either in a spiky look hair or cover left eye bangs long hair.
                                 Water form: Looks like a water looking fish humanoid, like Undyne, but can see through. Also can turn into a see through sea serpent, or water wolf.
              Piece of Info: A Royal Guard (second in command, is powerful enough to be Captain, but has too much respect for Undyne to make her step down) In free time, either hang with family, or friends, train, or most likely play bass and sing on the streets. She loves to entertain people. Also, be in water form, as a water serpent and lay in water, or water wolf and curling up to sleep. (Most likely always next to doors of the Ruins) Sadly, though she hates herself. (Which is causing her soul to crack a bit every time, she feels poorly of herself. Which is all the time... So she tries harder to better herself through training or music. It isn't enough though...)
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